About Us

Eyemobi is an independent game development studio based in Auckland, New Zealand. The team has built upon years of gaming experience and a lifelong passion for playing and building horror games on PC. As horror game enthusiasts we strive to build the most unique horror games that we would want to play ourselves. Phantasmal was the result of the team looking for a specific type of horror game and not finding it — so we decided to build it on our own!

Joe Chang Team Leader Joe has worked as a corporate test manager and tester for 10+
years across several demanding programs of work. As such, he is
well versed in software development and project management.
He has also run a game studio for 2 years.
Jeff Chilberto Development Lead Jeff has worked as a corporate software architect and developer
for 10+ years. Jeff is also currently working his way towards MVC
status with Microsoft Azure.
Brian Bell Art Lead Brian Bell is a former lighting supervisor and technical director for
several well-known Hollywood movies, such as Life of Pi,
Benjamin Button, Chronicles of Narnia, Terminator, The Ring 2,
and The Chronicles of Riddick.

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